After 6 months, in addition to breast milk or formula, a baby needs to have complementary food and it should be started by soft and simple ingredients and its volume, density and diversity should be increased proportionate to baby’s growth. After 6 months, due to continual weight gaining, a baby needs more energy and nutrients. Since breast milk cannot meet their needs, complementary food should be started and, in addition to breast milk, energy, protein, iron, zinc and some vitamins like vitamins A and D should be taken by babies. The baby’s iron stock is minimized about 6 months old. Therefore, if baby’s need for iron is not supplied through complementary nutrition and iron drop, the baby may be inflicted with anemia. It is not recommended to take supplements for zinc the same as iron unless pediatricians prescribe under special circumstances.

Timely commencement of additional nutrition is an important phase of a baby’s life and in addition to meeting baby’s nutritional needs, it prepares conditions for new experiences like swallowing and chewing.