Growing up milk formula for children (Toddler Formula)

Babies still needs milk after infancy. Nutritionist recommend having milk even after three years old. The important question is if the children above three years old need special formula. Ordinary milk has large amount of protein which increase the risk of obesity and pressure on the liver, in addition, large amount of protein taken by cow’s milk has Casein which has biologic value than whey protein, and causes less organ’s growth. In the contrary, Biomil plus junior has less amount of protein but higher nutritional value which helps infants grow better together with having less pressure on liver to compare with ordinary milk. The fat in the ordinary cow’s milk is chiefly of saturated fatty acids which are difficult to digest and cause many problems related to obesity, increasing harmful fats, and cardiovascular problems.

In the preparation of this product milk fats are separated and herbal oils with a profile of fatty acids with easy digestibility are used. Biomil plus junior is enriched with fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 by appropriate ratio which is not the case in ordinary milk, so it guarantees the growth of the retina and the brain and the proper functioning of the nervous system,

In this period, babies still need iron, zinc, vitamin E and D. these vitamins and minerals are added in order to make sure that babies’ bodies receive enough amounts of them.

This product has the following items

  •  The appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphor together with vitamin D which helps better absorption of Calcium.
  • The appropriate ratio of whey protein to casein (50 to 50), which increase the biological value of the milk’s protein.
  • Having whey protein enriched with leucine, isoleucine, valine for babies’ organ growth.
  • Enriched with iron and vitamin C to have better absorption of iron.
  • This product is gluten free which celiac patients can use
  • Holder of Halal certificate
  • Containing prebiotics FOS and GOS which help better digestion of nutrients and easier excretion of feces. Prebiotics protect the baby against diarrhea and constipation. By increasing the strength of immune system, the baby is protected against infections and allergies.
  • Having fatty acids to development nervous, vision, and brain system and increase problem- solving ability
  • Containing Taurine and Choline to transmit nerve messages better and prevent bile salt dysfunction and help digest fat better
  •  Having zinc which has key role in a lot of enzymatic reactions. Studies shows short stature in adults is related to lack of zinc in growth period more than genetics. This deficiency is due to various factors such as insufficient intake of this element, impaired absorption or abnormal excretion