Rice with Soy :


  • Chopped green bean                  Half of glass
  • Soybeans                                       Half of glass
  • Medium onion                              2 onions
  • Cinnamon                                      1 dessertspoon
  • Rice                                                 1 cup
  • Medium tomato                            2 tomatoes
  • Liquid oil                                         3 tablespoons
  • Salt                                                  Half teaspoon

Recipe: Soak soybeans and change its water for several times. Sauté chopped onion with soybeans in oil. Cook green beans with some water. Now add chopped tomato and cooked beans to onion and soy mixture and sauté it again. Boil water in another pot, cook rice therein and drain it. Now, pour the mixture in layers of rice during its brewing. At the end, pour cinnamon on the rice and brew it.

Kebab in Pan :


  • Grinded meat                            In size of a medium apple
  • Onion (medium)                       1 onion
  • Small potato                              1 potato
  • Tomato                                       1 or 2 tomatoes
  • Salt and saffron                         A little

Recipe: Grate onion and drain its water. Then mix it with meat, salt and saffron and knead it for a while. Spread the mixture in a pan (no oil is needed). Cut potato in thin sheets and lay meat on it. Cut tomatoes as rings and lay them on potatoes. Cover the pot and lower flame till meat is cooked. After almost 20 minutes, test whether potatoes are cooked with a fork. If cooked, your food is ready. It is recommended to add some drops of lime juice during serving. Feed this food to child with some fresh herbs and rice to have a perfect food.


Snacks have an important contribution in supplying child’s energy. In case of using high quality nutrients, snacks can supply vitamins and minerals.

Carrot Halva :


  • Carrot                              1 carrot
  • Sugar                               2 dessertspoons
  • Liquid oil                         1 dessertspoon
  • Wheat flour                    2 dessertspoons
  • Water                              1 teaspoon
  • Rose Water                     1 teaspoon
  • Wheatgrass                    1 dessertspoon

Recipe: First mix sugar and water thoroughly and put on a mild flame to form a syrup. Steam wheatgrass and chopped carrot. Pour flour in a pot and out on flame till its color turn to golden. Then, add wheatgrass and chopped carrot and mix it thoroughly. Now add syrup gradually and stir. When syrup absorbed and mixture gains density, add rose water. During serving, you can add some almond or sesame powder.

Wheatgrass Salad :


  • Wheatgrass or sprout of mung bean                       3 dessertspoons
  • Grated carrot                                                                Half of cup
  • Raisin                                                                              A quarter of cup
  • Chopped walnut, almond or hazelnut                      3 dessertspoons
  • Yogurt                                                                             A quarter of cup

Recipe: Pour all ingredients in a container, except yogurt, and mix them with a spoon. At the end, pour yogurt on this mixture like a dressing, stir and serve it to the child.

Vegetable Salad : 


  • Boiled potato                           1 potato
  • Grated carrot                           2 dessertspoons
  • Chopped cheese                     2 dessertspoons
  • Wheatgrass                              2 dessertspoons
  • Yogurt                                       4 dessertspoons
  • Fresh lime juice                       2 dessertspoons
  • Chopped parsley                     2 dessertspoons

Recipe: Blend lime juice and yogurt. Then add chopped carrot and potato. Next, add other materials and mix them. At the end, pour parsley and cheese on salad.

Summer Fruits Salad :


  • Apple                                                               1 apple
  • Peach or pear                                                1 peach or pear
  • Banana                                                            1 banana
  • Grapes                                                             Half glass
  • Powdered almond                                         1 dessertspoon
  • Fresh lime                                                       1 lime
  • Powdered pumpkin or sunflower seeds   1 dessertspoon

Recipe: Chop apple and peach and mix it with grapes. Cut banana in rings and add fresh lime juice. Then mix them with other materials and add powdered nuts.

This salad can be prepared with winter fruits.