Complementary food based on rice & milk

As busy work does not let prepare a food with proper nutritional value for infants, using complementary food having nutrients and prepared in a factory by modern international standards and tested in equipped laboratories can be a great help to save time for families.

Rice has a large share in Iranian’s cuisine but combining it with fresh, quality milk produced by FASSKA creates a high nutritional value. Using Biomil cereal with Iranian rice not only meet nutritional needs related to after 6 months old but also prepare babies for Iranian cuisine. Vitamins and high quality oil made by European factories are used in the preparation of this product. Vitamins are not heated during the production of Biomil cereal in order to maintain their quality. The formulation of this product is based on ESPGHAN (2005), CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (2007) and latest studies and scientific achievements.

All around the country Biomil cereal is the only child food which enriched with AA &DHA which is scientifically proved to have valuable role in developing problem-solving ability and IQ as well as developing retinal cells.

  •  Having all prebiotics (FOS, GOS) with appropriate ratio to regulate the amount of flora in intestinal bacteria and boost babies’ immune system
  •  Produced in the
  •  strict health condition under Fasska Belgium license with ISO 22000 international standards and HACCP certification to ensure product’s health for up to 21 months after production without any change in the taste and nutritional value
  • In Biomil cereal semi-hydrolyzed carbohydrates are used in a non-enzymatic manner, so this product has higher digestibility and as it has the pleasant taste of vanilla, it is easily accepted by babies. In the formulation of Biomil cereal calcium-rich milk, zinc, iron, vitamin c, protein, carbohydrates, and high quality vegetable oils are used and it guarantees better growth of babies by providing healthy and complete food.
  • Gluten free and suitable for celiac patients
  • Holder of Halal certificate