At this age, babies’ foods will be diversified gradually.

Mashed Potatoes :


  • Potato                                           2 little potatoes
  • Breast milk or formula               5 tablespoon
  • Butter                                            Half dessertspoon

Recipe: First, wash potatoes and steam them. Then pill and grate the potatoes till get totally soft and smooth. Then mix them with butter and add milk gradually to grain your intended density.

Note: Vitamin C content of a potato steamed with its skin is twice than a pilled potato.

Barely Soup :


  • Rolled oats                                        A quarter of cup
  • Meat or chicken                               In size of a matchbox
  • Chicken bone or shinbone            1 or 2 pieces
  • Grated carrot                                   One tablespoon
  • Medium onion                                 1 onion
  • Chopped parsley                             1 dessertspoon
  • Whole wheat flour                          1 dessertspoon
  • Breast milk or formula                   1 cup
  • Liquid oil (or melted butter)          1 dessertspoon

Recipe: Wash and soak oats and after two hours, empty the water and cook it with meat, shinbone and onion. When it becomes smooth, add carrot, parsley and salt and let it be cooked for some minutes.

Sauté flour in another container, then add some water and stir it continuously on a mild flame. When it boiled, add oil or butter and let it be boiled for some seconds. When it gets cool, add milk and mix it with other ingredients. Separate bones and grind it to become smooth.