Boiled Rice and Brawn: 


  • Brawn         1 medium piece
  • Rice             4 tablespoons or a small cup
  • Onion         A quarter of a small onion
  • Butter         1 full dessertspoon (used during cooking)

Recipe: First chop brawn and cook it with onion in a pot. Then add rice and butter to be cooked smoothly like boiled rice. When prepared, feed it to the child with yogurt.

Macaroni :


  • Macaroni              A small batch
  • Grinded meat      1 tablespoon
  • Onion                   Half of a small onion
  • Tomato                 A medium tomato
  • Butter                    1 dessertspoon (during cooking)

Recipe: First sauté onion in a pot and add grinded meat and cook it with some water. Then add butter and grinded tomato and let meat be cooked thoroughly and lose its water. Boil some water in another pot, add macaroni and some salt and drain it after 10 minutes of cooking. Then mix macaroni with meat and let it brew.

Add remaining butter during brewing or feeding. If willing so, you can use dried vegetable or sour orange to improve taste of macaroni.