This group of foodstuffs is the main source of protein. Also, foodstuffs of this group are the excellent sources of iron and zinc supply and their minerals are of high absorbability in body. Also, sheep viscera (tripe) contains high quantity of vitamin B.

Eggs, in addition to a protein with high biological value in their albumen, contains vitamin A and iron in their yolk.

Having high content of fat, legumes and oily seeds are energetic nutrients and good protein sources, but they lack vitamin A. When dried, they lose their vitamin C content. Legumes and oily seeds like cereals, contain phytate that interferes with absorption of minerals.

Phytate content of legumes will not be removed by cooking. To lower it, legumes should be soaked and its water should be disposed.

Nuts: Having high fat contents, nuts (walnut, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, etc.) contain high levels of calorie. Among nuts, hazelnut contains vitamins A and D and is more nutrient than others. Pistachio and hazelnut improve mind and memory. Almond contains phosphor, iron and potassium. Walnut has vitamins A & B and is a rich source of zinc and copper. Due to its zinc content, walnut improves absorption and activity of vitamins content of other foodstuffs. Due to this, it is recommended to eat walnut with other foods like cheese and vegetables.