FASSKA at a glance

  •  FASSKA s.a. was founded in 1981 by a Pharmacist surrounded by scientists specialized in the Nutritional and Dietary field for babies.
  • FASSKA constantly increased its knowledge and know-how through research, experience and partnerships with universities and other specialists in the discipline.
  • FASSKA is distributing its nutritional products in more than 30 countries around the world through a network of local exclusive agents.
  • FASSKA constantly seeks to enhance the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of their products and to propose innovative formulas in full compliance with the highest quality and nutritional requirements.

Our Belgian origin

As a manufacturer of nutritional products for infants and adults, our production has started historically in Belgium in a JV with the 1st Belgian Cooperative Dairy Group MILCOBEL

This historic cooperation has given us access to a milk collection representing 37% of Belgian production and allowed the manufacture by our teams of our infant milks and nutritional products.

Our production facilities (both in Belgium and now more important in France) have the same IFS Quality profile and are equipped with high-level tools: • MSD drying towers, • high-quality packaging lines for bags, metal cans and cases

Our French origin

FASSKA has also implemented in 2011 an important industrial partnership with a leading Dairy Cooperative in France specialized in Infant formulas. We also participate to investments for increasing the manufacturing facilities. This shared industrial structure is dedicated to the manufacturing of Infant Nutrition powders exclusively and is our main production site

A very strict Quality policy of Food Safety

Quality certification:


ISO 9001 (quality management)

ISO 14001 (Environment)

I.F.S. (including HACCP)